The Xplorajob story

The Xplorajob story


Welcome to our world – We are on a Journey to become the most trusted and informed job marketplace on the planet!

10 years ago I moved from New Zealand to Europe – for the 2nd time in my life. This time with a family….
It was the biggest change I had ever made in my life, and if I’m honest I didn’t have all the facts before I made the decision. I wish something like Xplorajob had existed back then, so now I’m older and wiser I wanted to help others making the same leap into the unknown.

So how does it work?

Xplorajob is work in progress! Our dream is to bring job seekers, employers, relocation support services and local governments together in one place.
Interested in a job in New Zealand but don’t know where in the Country would suit your lifestyle? Seen an amazing opportunity in Luxembourg but aren’t even sure what language they speak there? Or simply wanting to explore your own region! We’ve got you covered!

Where we need your help

We’re still growing at Xplorajob, developing new content and features every day. Everything we do is to help you to have the best
possible experience on our pages – but to do that, we need your help in two main areas:

1. We would love to understand what your current job situation is, without recording any details which could identify you. We use this
information to support bench-marking of other job searchers (current job, location, what you earn). If you want to support us with this, you can provide all the information when you create an account.

2. We’d love your feedback on our Location Blog, where you can tell our community a little more about where you live.

Scott Wilson

Xplorajob founder