Message to Job Seeker

Xplorajob puts the job seeker at the heart of the search.

Xplorajob has been designed to support people make educated life-changing decisions. We want to make it simple to find potential job opportunities, provide location statistical information and highlight relocation services to support you in the life choices you make.

It provides:

  • Job aggregation from around the world (links to the original job board post)
  • job location information and statistics (where possible)
  • Links to relocation support services

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Where we need your help:

Our vision is to make Xplorajob a social feed. We are still developing content and features as we grow and want to ensure we get support from our greatest asset, which is you – the job seeker (to help us help you).  We have created 2 types of social feeds and now ask for your help. You have two options to contribute:

  1. Your current general job situation without capturing your specific identity details. We will use this information to support benchmarking of other job searchers (current job, location, what you earn). This information can be provided when you create an account,
  2. Location Blog, where you can provide feedback on the location blog and let our community know about the area you live in.